Conquer your clutter, get organized, and reclaim your space! 
Heather Mathe, Professional Organizer
Organization With a Flair...

I've had a lot of company along the path that's led me to become a professional organizer.  Why? Because it's been  through helping friends and family through their struggles between order and chaos in their homes, their offices, their mounds of paper, that I found my true calling.  I might not have known it at the time, but that day I spent years ago in my bff's basement, helping her find the beautiful, functional home office hidden beneath all the piles of stuff and mounds of paper, I had taken my first step toward a career in the field I've come to love. 
Along with a natural propensity for helping others organize their lives, my own life experience has honed my natural skills in myriad ways. My college education focused on my gifts and abilities as an artist, but as time went on, and I became a single mom with managerial jobs in multiple fields, I've had  many opportunties to put my organizational skills to work daily. In addition to all this practical experience, I've never stopped developing and pursuing my artistic gifts and abilities, which lends a certain style and essence to my role as an organizer that you might not find with other conventional practitioners.​ ​
Being a member of NAPO (National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals)
means I adhere to a strict code of ethics...
...while helping you create the space you want, and deserve, in a style all your own.