Conquer your clutter, get organized, and reclaim your space! 

Home Organizing​

When your home is overrun with clutter, you may become stressed, unhappy, and even embarrassed to have anyone show up at your door. 

We live in a "go" society, always on the run with little or no time to spend maintaining our home, which should be a place of comfort we return to at the end of a busy day. My goal as a professional organizer is to help you create this "safe haven" in your life permanently.
Home Organizing Services include:
  • Closets
  • Garages/attics/basements
  • Bedrooms/home office/living rooms/kitchens/bathrooms
  • Downsizing and storage solutions

Paper Management/Office Organizing

Do you have homeless piles of paper? Are you often unable to find important documents when you need them? Is your office disorganized or in need of a functioning filing system?
If so, a professional organizer may be the answer for you. 
Not all traditional filing systems work for every individual, and most people aren't sure how long to hold on to certain documents.
Services include:
  • Paper Management
  • Filing systems
  • Creating Office "Flow"
  • Time Management Tips
  • De-cluttering and Office Reorganization

Before and After a Move

The average American will move around 12 times in his or her life. 
If it seems to get more difficult each time, you are not alone. The longer we live, the more stuff we accumulate. Working with a professional organizer can make the process of moving a less painful one. 
Services include:
  • Downsizing/donating your items
  • Moving checklists
  • Packing for the move
  • Unpacking and organizing after a move
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